2nd Update

Day 4
Well, this day is far better than yesterday. Had a great sleep, which replenished my will power and ability to reason. I had a busy day at work which made the time fly by and it passed by without being much of a problem. I started work on the blog which made it a bit of a fun day learning the tools involved with blogging. It was funny though that when entering the blog information into the editor, the suggested content has all kinds of x-rated masturbation pics. Rub it my face wordpress! Given my fortitude today it’s no big deal though. Just wish there were more female masturbating pics than male ones. C’mon now, know your demographic. When the work day was done, I started to feel like I had sickness coming on. Lots of sneezing, coughing and general blaaaah feeling. I didn’t really feel like doing much other than watching a flick and chatted with Her before bed.
Day 5
Woke up with a raging erection. Pretty sure it’d be the easiest spot on my body to take my pulse. It was the first time that I was really affected in a physical state more than just mental. I was pretty much rubbing on the sheet trying to keep my hands away. It was pretty much possible to ignore it and I almost broke. I managed to maintain my composure though and got through the rest of the day not too bad. Although being on the road without release kind of sucks, work does fill my day and keep me pretty distracted.
In talking about my experiences with Her and She, it is apparent that Her is the stoic monk right now while me and She traverse Dante’s inferno.
Day 6
Woke up harder than yesterday, if that is even possible. I usually play the part of opportunist in these situations, who doesn’t? I mean, our arms have evolved into the perfect length for it, it’s wakes us up and puts us to sleep. Seems more unnatural to not do it when we wish, but I digress. It stares at me like a talisman trying to coax me into that same familiar motion but I manage to resist. I have a hot shower and let the hard stream from the shower head spray on my cock while I wish I hadn’t come this far. Then I shake my head at myself and get ready for work.
After work I talked with Her about it for a while. Her said that if she doesn’t fap regularly she loses some of her interest in sex. What the fuck did I get myself into. #catch-22
Day 4
Well. Managed to smooth things over with the fella. I think. He’s hard to read, he may literally hate me for all I know. Dudes man…Dudes…
Managed to keep my hands off myself. Technically. I did zone out and wash my vagina for about 15 minutes. It was probably the best shower I’ve ever had. Probably the first one I ever need a cigarette after.
Went for customary Sunday Funday Lunch with the crew, good times as always. There was a bit of a twist though – the subject of this challenge came up. I can’t be sure if it was the topic or I was giving off some massively sexually frustrated pheromones but there was a definite vibe in the air. A weird sexy vibe. And I don’t think I’ve ever received more offers for unrequited sexual favors in my life.
Going to show that either my friends are kinky and awesome or dicks for knowing I wouldn’t take them up on it and just wanted to wind me up.
Day 5
Today was pretty easy actually. Maybe I’m mastering this.
Perhaps I’ve just lost my will to live.
Day 6
Again today, pretty easy. Did have some momentary twinges while talking about sex with a friend but over all I managed to control myself. I’ve been pretty stressed lately though. Work, life, relationships, worried about some people in my life, want to set other ones on fire.
I can’t tell if the stress is amped by the definite lack of orgasms, or its taking away the urge to do it.
I’d love nothing more than to have a lady wank and let you know, but alas, 24 more days before I can test the theory.

The First Few Days

Day 1
At the onset of this challenge we

agreed upon starting this on Wednesday. So Tuesday night I romanced myself, and made that final fap last!!  Well the ladies had busy evenings that night, so the start was bumped to Thursday. I’m sympathetic to them needing to get a final quiver in before putting on the oven mitts for the month. I’m not one to leave cards on the table so I took advantage of the slide in the schedule to give myself an even better start. So, the first day was essentially a breeze. I’m out at work so for the most part I can keep myself distracted. Sadly, it is painfully slow right now so I have too much time on my hands which is bound to become a problem.

Before bed me and Her have a nice FaceTime chat in bed. The irony that we purchased iPads for the main reason of masturbating for each other on FaceTime is not lost on me. Cybersex or camming whatever you want to label it is still masturbating as far as the rules go.
Day 2
Things are still easy so far. Honestly though, I go a few days without it quite often so the panic isn’t setting in yet. I do alternate between viewpoints of this being no big deal really and it being a transcendent milestone in my life. I mean, last time I went 30 days without some self-love it was probably actually 11 years. Yeah, I got into it fairly early to good ole hairy 80’s/90’s bush when I was probably 11 or so, and it’s been a steady almost daily ritual ever since. Those weren’t the days of porno overload (sounds dirty) like today. Back then we had to find videos or mags, there wasn’t a porn and facebook box in every household. We had to fucking hunt it and kill it like god damned smut cavemen! [/tangent]
There was a crew change at work so it was only me and another coworker left until the other crew made it back. And as per usual, we took that opportunity to have some beers and go out on the town. So far so good in the distraction department. The hangover tomorrow ain’t gonna help my cause though.
Day 3
As expected, I’m a bit hungover for work on Saturday. It happens, I work 2 weeks continuous then have 2 weeks off. I have early nights on days off, and have late ones at work sometimes. I am one of the people out there who get crazy hangover hornies. Not sure how common it is with most people, but among my slutty friends it’s quite common. The fact that I am in this challenge earns me no quarter from this affliction. I’m starting to feel the gravity of this challenge, as there are still 6 sleeps til I get home and me and Her get to hook each other up with some sweet toes curling orgasms. The hangover hornies, combined with what is now the longest stretch between orgasms in quite a while, is starting to make my penis a bit hypersensitive. Like walking around the office I’m unnaturally aware of the sensations of the fabrics rubbing against it. Me and She commiserate over facebook chat. I don’t know if we help or hinder each other in this situation.
I manage to keep my mind distracted by harrassing She and Her for info for the blog as well as working on some things in the office. Her is pretty busy as she has a photoshoot lined up for today. Later on I get some of the initial pics that she got from the photog. There are some nudes which I must find a way to non-sexualize so as to not get really revved up. Her is staying with one of our friends for the night so we have a facetime chat and a glass of wine. I was kind of expecting them to be topless but it is much better to my current state that they aren’t. We both end up watching movies and fall asleep fairly early.
Day 1
To be honest this day was easy. The fella I’m seeing had a sleep the night before so we managed to get in some pretty fantastic doing it. Also when I woke up I wasn’t feeling super great so that really managed to coast me through Day 1.

I will admit though it was always sort of niggling thought in the back of my head. Like when you try to quit smoking and you’re fine until you say “I musn’t have a cigarette” then you’re immediately like “Fuck, I’d slap someone’s grandmother for a goddamn cigarette right now.” Interesting.
Day 2
Woke up ridiculously early. First thing I was inclined to do was have a little special time with myself.  I was pretty unsurprised.  I think most masturbation happens out of sheer boredom and having some time (ZING) on your hands. Managed to resist though. Had a long shower.Work was busy so it kept my mind occupied.  Came home, had a quick beer with some friends and went to a metal show. Promptly got smacked in the face with long greasy hair of a head banger. Horny be gone! As the night went on, be it the beer or be it the contest I did notice myself getting flirty. But again, I’m not overly concerned. I’m like a shark that way:  I stop flirting, I die. It’s who I am.  Inconclusive.But the fella and I did get a bit tipsy and rebellious.  No sex. Hmmm….
Day 3
AM: Currently sitting on my couch while the fella sleeps. Wondering if just going and sitting on his face would be considered rude.  If he smothered would that be involuntary manslaughter? A sex crime? Pondering….

PM: I seem to work well with distraction. Hung out with friends last night and was alright for the most part. However, later that evening I turned into some sort of sex crazed maniac and when I didn’t get my way I pouted. Sorry Fella – This is going to be rougher on him than me I think.  Must learn not to be a jerk. Sigh.


For the purpose of anonymity the three of us will be referenced simply as Him, Her, and She.


Him's HandIf you are reading this, then I hope I made it interesting.
I’m a 31 year old guy living (half of the time) in Calgary and working in mining in Saskatchewan (half of the time). I am a bit of a vagabond, have always worked on the road while trying to keep a good life when I’m home. This transient schedule is going to make this challenge harder on me and Her than it is on She. This is due to the fact that until July 7th our only orgasms (and I assume sanity) will come through sex. Her is my lovely girlfriend so while I am on the road we are both unable to fuck away the frustration. We do have a pretty modern relationship but that’s for a different blog altogether. We share a close bond, as well as a rather hedonistic outlook on sexuality and relationships. A quiet night at home usually consists of a nice meal with a good bottle of vino, followed up with handcuffs, rope and a camcorder. We thought we were sex addicts with relationship problems until we met each other and realized that we are just more awesome than our previous lovers.
I grew up in the same small prairie town as She and our friendship is pretty much bourne from her starring role in my teenage fap sessions. Sorry She. Although this is not shocking news, as we frequently get drunk and tell people this. We’ve grown into best friends over the past 15 years or so and She has for the most part resisted my advances. Most of my girlfriends have hated her and forbid me to hangout with her unsupervised. I suppose this may be due to our tendencies to flirt lasciviously whenever we are around each other and know exactly what each other looks like naked. That having said, Her loves She and She loves Her. I suspect they will both soon hate me for dragging them into this month of torture.
I’m doing this challenge partly to see if I can get through it, partly to see how it impacts my sex life with Her, as well as any impact upon my regular day to day. I have a tendency to masturbate mainly out of boredom so I think that I may get more things done when I find other things to fill that time.


 Coming Soon…. Errrr…. Poor Word choice. Stay tuned… Will update once received.


I’m in my early 30’s, grew up in a small prairie town (with Him) and was raised in a very sex positive environment. I was lucky in my early sexual life to have great boyfriends who didn’t shame me for wanting to experiment or for being curious.  Overall I have very little hang ups. Masturbation is something I obviously do and enjoy.  Its a stress relief and a great way to get past boredom! I’m really doing this challenge to see if I can and to see if there is any benefit or real change in my every day life.

I’ve recently started seeing a really great guy. Due to our work schedules and location (he’s a suburbs boy, I’m a downtown kind of girl) we really only get to see each other a couple of times a week. Usually weekends. It’ll be interesting to see if he survives the challenge…

And So it Begins…

Shit’s getting real…

What started as a semi-serious challenge among two friends in a pre-caffeinated state, far too early in the day for logic and rational thought has come to fruition. And a third contestant has joined in on this endurance test with us. Most likely doomed for failure. 30 days of no masturbating. NoFap. Masters of our Domain. It all started when I came across this Vice article by Ken Wallingford who blogged about it at the end of his own 30 day challenge. Prior to reading his blog I had no idea that this is actually a ‘thing’ among some people with sentences durations of various lengths for a variety of reasons. Better time management, improving social skills, strengthening intimacy with partners, etc etc. From what I can deduce from my marginal knowledge of the ‘NoFap’ movement, is that it is to inspire motivation in more productive areas of one’s life. Many articles cite the addictive pattern and instant gratification of masturbation (especially to Internet porn), as primary cause for a range of afflictions such as social awkwardness, depression, erectile dysfunction or simply not fucking their girlfriends enough. This anomalous sub-culture that has seeped out of the nerd machine that is Reddit, even refer to themselves as fapstronauts. Jesus, the time one must have on their hands when there’s no cum on them.

Reading of this strange alien concept piqued my interest and apparently had the same effect upon my fellow partners in crime. There is me (male), my GF (female obviously), and my best friend (female) taking part in this 30 day drought. We aren’t getting too philosophical or analytical about doing this. It’s merely to see if we can do it, as well as what adventures and insights it leads to along the way. The rules are simple, no masturbating is ixnay for 30 days. That’s it. This is not a challenge to be completely abstinent and live like a monk. We are all free to have sex to our hearts content for the full duration. We started this blog in the name of science, but I’m sure it will be soon obvious that we are very poor scientists. This is the inaugural foray into blogging for all three of us, obviously we have been too busy masturbating for all these years to ever get into it. We don’t really have any ideas how this is going to play out over the duration, but we are all optimistic that it will be interesting. I have no predictions for the frequency, content or explicitness of our coming posts but I am sure it’s going to be a ride.
God help us.